The company "TOP HILL SPORT" is Certified

ISO 9001:2008


Tophill produces equipment for different sorts of combats such as.

1- Boxing, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing

2- Karate, Taekwondo (ITF) GTF) (WTF) Judo

3- Professional Boxing, Mix Fight

4- Shoes and apparel for sport games

5- Accessories

6- Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Rugby & its Accessories.

All equipment are produced in Sialkot and we use highly modern technology. we keep on quality and modern design of our production and furnish a security.

Boxing gloves by our company have pan Asian boxing Association (PABA) certificate and it's candidate for international certificate AIBA.

Our gloves and equipment are used in the most of professional boxing matches in Russia.

The company "TOP HILL SPORT" take part in lot of competitions like official sponsor and cooperate with number of Federations, such as


1- The saint-Petersburg professional boxing federation;

2- club "BARS-ARBAT";

3- Russian professional boxing federation.

Quality Certificate